What can we tell you about CMS’ licence partnership with SABI?

We recently announced our new licence partnership with SABI, the leading logistics management company in Colombia.

This is a major step forward in the use of CMS’ fleet risk management technology as SABI will put it front and centre in over 70% of the road based logistics journeys in Colombia.

As such all of us at CMS are both excited and proud to be working with SABI on a project of this scale.

But SABI by Destino Seguro, to use its full name, is not a well known company in the UK and Europe. Outside of the logistics community.

So we thought it would be useful to highlight some facts about our new licence partner.

Licence partnership with SABI - a picture of SABI's logo.

How long has SABI been operating?

SABI has been in operation for more than fifteen years.

This time has given SABI a wealth and depth of experience in the capture, integration, and analysis of data from the Colombian logistics value chain.

With this, SABI is at the forefront of information and insight on the operations of logistics in the region. Especially in Colombia, Mexico, and Panama.

In those fifteen plus years, SABI has developed a suite of service offerings for its customers, across the logistics chain, providing:

Real time visibility and traceability of their fleet vehicles.  

A dedicated specialist division for emergency response. At both an operational and technical level, with a focus on the transport and storage of fuels.

Proven loss and theft reduction strategies and techniques, for both cargo and fleet vehicles.

As you can imagine, to execute these services effectively requires a robust understanding of not only logistics, but also data and information management. And to stay at the forefront of these service offerings, SABI is continually seeking out ways to deliver new market leading technology in data management, to its customers.

Which is why SABI talked to CMS.

Why does CMS have a licence partnership with SABI?

SABI recognises that its customers use a wide range of telematics and camera hardware technology. And that the range of equipment used and the number of OEM’s involved will only grow, as each customer sets their own specific hardware requirements.

Therefore SABI needs partners that can respond and work with these wide range of hardware differences. While keeping the services SABI delivers at the forefront of both what customers need and expect from the market leader.

One that has built up a reputation for its services and industry innovation over more than a decade and half.

Given this requirement, CMS’ hardware agnostic platform, which is guaranteed future proof, ticked all the right boxes for SABI.

Once that was assured, SABI was convinced that CMS’ risk management platform could be licensed as both a value adding service for its customers, and as a technology that would power its ambition to make the roads in Colombia and across the LATAM region safer.

How much of Colombia’s cargo is monitored by SABI?

As a market leader SABI monitors 55% of all the national cargo movements in Colombia, and 70% of the road movements, at some point in the journey. 

It does this by taking in data from over forty different telematics systems, transport dispatch software, highway toll booths and vehicle inspection, sites.

And all of these data sources will now be aggregated, standardised, and analysed in Collision Management Systems’ risk management platform.

How many vehicles and journeys is that?

On an average day, SABI is involved in the monitoring of more than 77,000 vehicles and over 100,000 thousand journeys

As a way of comprehending that number, Heathrow airport has about 51,000 car park spaces.

So, SABI is monitoring about one and a half times the equivalent of the number of cars that could possibly park at Heathrow airport, every day. 

SABI: an example of an IoT company

With a stated goal of wanting to continue to provide solutions that benefit fleets, insurers, government and the wider public. SABI has become a good, practical example of an Internet of Things, or IoT, company.

Using the connected data from a broad range of apps, hardware, roadside locations and many other internet connected data points, SABI is able to provide its services of fleet visibility, emergency response and anti-theft/security.

Now, with CMS’ platform, it takes a step further by automatically integrating data from this staggering range of data sources, including SABI’s own logistics management Software, SCL3. A system which has been at the core of its customer offering since the start.

And as Luis Anaya, CEO of SABI said in our recent press release, “CMS’s technology platform will integrate with our existing digital ecosystem, to provide a huge improvement in helping our customers. Most importantly, this will save lives while also improving efficiencies, to deliver cost savings.”

At the practical level, how does being a CMS licence partner help SABI?

As we move further into the digital age, most organisations are struggling to use the information and data from their fleet and business to properly manage risk ​

Data is often badly structured and in many different places, making it difficult to make informed decisions ​

CMS, by creating a centralised platform for all logistics and vehicle data, enables proactive decisions that drive out risk and cost. These include:​

Reducing incident frequency that leads to reduced insurance premiums ​

Identification of specific high risk drivers enabling appropriate intervention ​

Real time notifications of fraud, insurance and logistics related incidents / indicator that occur during a journey​

Efficiencies through automated reporting processes and the removal of human error in reporting​

Better understanding of high risk routes and journeys to better inform infrastructure planning​

A platform that enables data from new connected infrastructure to be leveraged immediately

So, through its licensing of CMS platform, SABI is delivering these practical benefits, to the transporters, freight generators and government transport strategists in Colombia and Latin America.  

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