In partnership with Collision Management Systems, NTT DATA UK, recently announced, its acceptance onto the new Crown Commercial Service framework for Vehicle Telematics

This comes into use near the end of April 2020. 

The news means that UK Public Sector fleet operators, such as the Police, and other emergency services. Plus, UK central and local government bodies.

All now have easy access to CMS’ award-winning telematics data aggregation and risk management platform.

Crown Commercial Service framework – an improved procurement process

This will improve the procurement process, for those organisations using the Crown Commercial Service framework, by eliminating the need for tender.

Thereby saving them time and delivering the results from our platform, for risk management, faster.


NTT DATA, a leading CMS partner since 2019, is a trusted multinational technology innovator.

Its services range from consulting and systems development to outsourcing.

NTT DATA serves a broad range of sectors, including telco, media, financial services, manufacturing and the public sector. 

About CMS’ Platform

CMS’ all in one platform helps fleet managers improve the safety and efficiency of their fleet and remote worker operations.

Aggregating and standardising the existing data feeds. It provides the right information at the right time for fleet and transport managers to take fast decisive actions that reduce employee risk and deliver cost savings.

No need for additional hardware

With no-need for any additional hardware. And in a future proofed, hardware agnostic way.

Our platform combines and aggregates the fleet operator’s existing telematics and in-vehicle camera feeds. To present a user-friendly risk management and real-time incident alert solution.

This is used on a day to day basis by fleet managers and transport managers to identify the incidents that need their attention. While filtering out distractions from telematics’ false positives.

Over the short to medium term it allows both the fleet managers and those responsible for risk management in the organisation, to know in more detail their driver’s risk profiles, the organisation’s overall vehicle operations risk profile and with this manage the trends in these, to reduce risk in the organisation.

We term it as knowing and managing the 20% to get the 80% improvement.  

Benefits of using our platform

Our telematics data aggregation and risk management platform is already operational in various global organisations.

It has delivered a near 20% reduction in incidents.

Savings of over £1,000 on vehicle claim costs.

Dramatically reduced vehicle off road times and sped up first notification of insurance claim processes (FNOL).

Data security and compliance are built into the heart of the platform. For both employee and the organisation’s peace of mind.

CMS’ platform combined with NTT DATA UK’s market resourcing and systems integration expertise, make these benefits immediately available to public sector fleet operators across the UK.

To learn more about how to reduce risk in your fleet operations, please contact us, or call on 0345 241 9449