Jon and Sam join the CMS crew as Scrum Master and Web Developer

We are very pleased to announce the recent arrival of two new starters at Milton Keynes based and world leading fleet risk management and telematics data aggregation tech company.

Joining Collision Management Systems are Jon Abbott and Sam Jowsey.

Because of the lockdown not all of us have had the chance to physically meet them, but we’ve been assured by those that did the interviews they are both great guys.

Experience from MS Teams meetings and Thursday night virtual after work drinks, confirms this. Although we do have some concerns about the mascots Jon has in his home office. Flat Eric anyone?

What are they going to be doing for us?

Jon Abbott

Jon is our new Development Lead, which in common software parlance, is our Scrum Master. He’s charged with working with Colin Woolmer, our Head of Product, and our development team, to keep sprints moving, the team focussed, and supporting them by getting issues resolved and sorted. But, that said while we are still a small(ish) company, Jon will be wearing many hats, using his coding and development skills to help out as needed.

Sam Jowsey

Sam, a Kiwi and therefore likely to take stick from our two Rugby lovers, Charles (England, and occasionally Ireland – which explains a lot) and Colin (Wales, there’s lovely), joins us as our Web Developer. He is working on evolving and customising our customer web portal.

Which is important work as this is where they get the good stuff – namely the alerts to incidents that they really need to look into, and the risk management profiling that we provide. It really is the area where the rubber hits the road for our customers, as the insight we deliver, via the portal, leads to cost savings and safer employees.

In these strange times, Sam had the experience of finishing working for his old company and starting work for Collision Management Systems without the need to leave his chair, room, or house. “Odd” was how he described it.

Where have these two been before?

Jon has over fifteen years’ experience of delivering software solutions, ranging from construction consultancy to laboratory informatics (yep, I had to look that one up). Sam spent the last four years working in web development at a Web design agency.

What do they get upto in their spare time?

Well, both are Rugby lovers (there’s a theme developing here…) and both enjoy endurance challenges. Jon in the form of mountain biking, having recently finished 4th in the Manx 100km Open. Sam, in raising his son over the last four years. From experience, any parent reading this will know who had it easier.

On top of that they both have a love of the finer things in life. For Jon that is cheese and real ale, and Sam, “hot chips”. I’m taking that as being spicy crisps, for our British readers.

Welcome to CMS

All in all, both are very welcome and very welcomed additions to the CMS crew. Who, in the short time they’ve been here, have already delivered results for our customers.