Coronavirus. CMS Implements remote working policy

Following continued developments and updated guidance from the government and health authorities, CMS is implementing its remote working policy from Monday 23rd March 2020.

Your service and support from CMS will continue to function as normal. The only difference being all onsite customer and partner visits will be replaced with virtual meetings. Our Milton Keynes office will also, temporarily, close.

Contact telephone numbers, email addresses, and all other electronic channels remain the same. Meaning that there is no difference in how you normally contact and interact with us, electronically.

We will keep you updated, as the situation evolves, through email, social media, the CMS website, and calls.

On a personal note, CMS exists to help make the working world safer. Never has that been more important than now. If there is anything that CMS can do to help you navigate the storm, big or small, please let us know.

Stay safe.


Charles Smith
CEO, Collision Management Systems (CMS)

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