Expoportuaria 2020

Poster for Foro Expoportuaria 2020

CMS, with LATAM licence partner, SABI, Colombia’s leading logistics management company, is presenting at Foro Expoportuaria 2020. Colombia’s annual conference for the logistics and port sectors

The 2020 edition is being held virtually, due to the ongoing global situation.

Expoportuaria 2020 will run for three days, November 10, 11, and 12. It is timed as a morning event in Colombia/LATAM and as an afternoon event for those attending from Europe.

Expoportuaria 2020 – the basics

Date: 10-12 November 2020

Location: Online (see below for details)

Time: 8.00-13.00 hrs COT/13.00 – 18.00 hrs GMT

What is Expoportuaria 2020?

Expoportuaria was founded in 2017 to bring together Latin American leaders in the logistics and port sectors, subject matter experts from around the world, and national & local government agencies, to analyse and discuss the most relevant issues facing the sectors.

The annual event has attracted increasingly bigger audiences, and more & more expert panellists. It is now considered the leading event of its type in the region.

What is the theme and format for this year?

This year’s conference will, understandably, be focused on the economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the roles that the logistics and port sectors have to play in that.

Unlike previous years, 2020’s conference will be a virtual three-day event. Running in the morning in Colombia and in the afternoon in Europe.

Panellists will come from Colombia, the Netherlands, Argentina, Chile, the USA and the UK.

What topic is CMS and SABI presenting on?

CMS’s CEO and founder, Charles Smith, will be presenting with SABI CEO, Luis Anaya, on the topic of “Data as a service for security in the logistics chain”

The presentation will follow a narrative on how the use of data can, at a fundamental level, save lives, in the logistics industry, by making transport safer.

Within this, Smith and Anaya will cover how the complexity of today’s data, both in its quantity and disparateness, CAN be made simple, by the deployment of data as a service technology. Such as that at heart of CMS’ data aggregation platform.

The presentation will also provide a broad overview of the connected data world. How, in CMS’ observation, insight and experience, this has developed in the UK, Europe and the USA. From this it will position where Colombia is currently sat, with connected data, what it can expect from the experience in these other parts of the world, and then take a look at the trends and next steps for connected data in the coming years.

Finally, the two CEOs will take the audience through how the SABI and CMS partnership has brought a step change in security and safety in the Colombian and LATAM logistics market.

Who hosts the Expoportuaria conferences?

Expoportuaria is hosted by the Asoportuaria, the Atlantic Ports Association in Colombia, which is headquartered on the Atlantic/Caribbean coast of Colombia in the port city of Barranquilla.

Media partner for the event is El Heraldo, the long established and respected regional newspaper, also based in Barranquilla.

What other organisations are involved?

In addition to CMS and SABI, presentations will be made by experts from the Port of Rotterdam, the US Army Corps of Engineers, Chile Socio Transforme, and Angela Maria Orozco, the Colombian Minister of Transport.

How you can join Expoportuaria 2020

If you wish to attend Expoportuaria 2020, please follow this link to register. Costs vary depending on package, with a general pass for attending all three days being 100,000 Colombian Peso, equivalent to about £100