Supporting you with CMS’s work in the Cloud

Following on from the recent recruitment of our new Scrum Master and Web Developer, Jon and Sam, CMS is very pleased to welcome another new starter, Scott Whitmore. Our new Cloud Platform Engineer.

Like Sam, Scott joins us in lockdown, so most of us have only met him on Zoom and Teams. However, we can confirm that he does have a passing resemblance to a young Gandalf, with those long locks of hair and a beard.

He has assured us that this is his normal look, and not something to do with the scarcity of hairdressing options for the last one hundred days.

Scott Whitmore

So, what do we know about Scott?

Well, like Gandalf, he’s also very wise.

Having joined us in early June, Scott has already delivered a fair chunk of savings and efficiencies on our Cloud Platforms.

Plus, with his keen eye on the industry, alerted us all to the Lucifer malware currently doing the rounds, and to keep our vigilance up against such threats.

What is he going to be doing for you and us?

As our new Cloud Platform Engineer, Scott’s job is to is to plan, manage, maintain, and implement cloud-based solutions for CMS, in support of you, our customer.

Primarily this is in Microsoft Azure. Which is our cloud provider of choice for our Risk Management SaaS platform.

Given the incredible complexity, scale and range of services offered by Azure, Scott’s job is to find the right options for CMS to provide our systems, 24/7, to you. That’s both for today, and as things scale and change, in the future.

With Scott’s skills, we can better support customers in the UK, the Americas, and across the globe, with the benefits of our platform. That is, risk management, real time FNOL alerts, and ultimately, enabling you to keep your employees safe.

Where has Scott come from?

Well, he’s been working in IT for six years, now, and specifically with Cloud systems for three years. Before joining us, Scott worked at Northampton based Connexas, a telematics solution provider to fleets.

So, not only does he have the Cloud Engineering skills we need, but also industry experience and insight. This will help us continue to grow and support you, as the world’s leading telematics data aggregation specialist.

Enough of the work stuff, what does he get upto in his spare time?

Well, probably unsurprisingly, Scott spends his spare time tinkering with software and playing videogames.

That said his favourite hobby is playing the guitar.

Something he’s been doing for over fifteen years. And if you ever get onto a Zoom call with Scott, do a “Where’s Wally?”, and look for the space behind him that doesn’t have a guitar in it.

As he says, like all good collectors “Some of the time I think I have too many guitars. Other times, that I need more”

Probably from the same aspect as his love of guitars, and the tinkering with software, Scott has an introspective side.

This finds him visiting and loving peaceful, serene places, such as mountains.

Sadly, with few of them near Milton Keynes, the last place he really enjoyed visiting was Llyn Cau, Cader Idris, in Wales.

Anything else you should know?


Chilli is Scott’s favourite food. He loves the spice and flavour. Plus, the best way to eat it, he says, is served in bread as a chilli-based version of a Bunny Chow.

On top of that, Terry Pratchett is his favourite author. With “Guards! Guards!” and “Small Gods” fighting for first place as his fave book.

Scott also has a guilty pleasure (who doesn’t?) of loving cheesy action films, with barely understandable protagonists (looking at you Sly).

Of the genre, Demolition Man stands head and shoulders above the rest.  Yep, a guilty pleasure indeed.

Finally, when asked “Who the most famous person he’d ever met, was?” Scott replied that Michael Palin, while maybe not the most famous, was the best most famous person he’d met.

Michael cheered Scott up with a good long chat and a parting hug at a book signing event.

Scott assures us he avoided mentioning anything about dead parrots. Could you have avoided that temptation?

Welcome to CMS

Like Jon and Sam, a short while back, Scott, as our new Cloud Platform Engineer, is another very welcome and very welcomed additions to the CMS crew. And like them, one who is already delivering results for you, our customer.