A SaaS platform that unlocks the power of
your existing data. We call it Clara.

Takes data from any source

We bring together data from any telematics, employee, or sensor source.

Makes it consistent and comparable

Different sensors speak many languages making them difficult to compare. We understand them all, giving you one consistent and comparable output.

Gives time critical alerts

Get notified about time critical incidents such as collisions and driver-drowsiness in real time without needing to sift through the data noise.

Provides Risk analysis and insight

Access a simple, single view of your driver and remote worker risk profile and quickly dig into the behaviours behind it.

CMS Clara

Giving you a single point of access to all your data for clearer incident alerts and improved risk management.

CMS Clara answers the four key risk
management questions

  • 1
    Is my risk profile going up or down?
  • 2
    What high risk behaviours are most commonly occurring in my business?
  • 3
    Which employees are highest risk and therefore most likely to have a claim?
  • 4
    What incidents are happening in my business right now that I need to respond to?

Ready-to-go for seamless delivery at national or international scale.


Open and agnostic, enabling access to all devices and systems.


CMS Clara is a platform with security by design and compliance at it’s heart.

Low barrier, high return

Low risk with proven commercial gain, delivering rapid ROI.

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