Clara has helped multiple insurers to reduce claim frequency and severity, improve customer engagement and build a valuable underwriting dataset.

With Clara you can access all your data in one place without the need to manually key in and manage data or use lots of excel sheets.

Empowering Action

By using Clara you can identify where your biggest risk exposure is and easily stay on top of incidents as they happen, in real-time and in one place.

Delivering Trust

Clara gives you and your clients complete visibility and control over what data is being processed, where it is being stored and who is accessing it, as standard.


16% claim frequency reduction

Clara reduces claim frequency by highlighting clients that are deteriorating or very high risk with clear insights that you can act on.


£600 average severity reduction

Clara’s clear, automated alerts mean you can take control of FNOL incidents when they happen, with complete visibility of all relevant data and analysis.


30% reduction in claim handling time

With Clara, all key data points are automatically populated for you, along with insights and context about the claim to support better liability decisions.

Win Better Business

100% pre-quote visibility

Through Clara, you can access up to three months of historical telematics and driver data, on prospective clients to inform your risk appetite, pre-quote.

Insurance Case Study

  • Customer

    US Commercial Motor Insurer

  • Scale

    50 states, multi-line insurance product. Growing by 2,000 vehicles per month.

  • Customer Since


  • Challenges

    Couldn’t access customers' telematics data without installing own hardware.

    Claims and underwriting function not able to make use of clients' data to enhance their services.

    Risk management services still based on rotation, claims experience and spend. Desire to be more targeted.

US Commercial Motor Insurer
  • Product launched across all 50 states.
  • Embedded into light commercial product lines, up to bus, coach and heavy duty trucking.
  • Over two points improvement in COR.
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  • Aggregated and standardised data from existing customers' telematics systems.
  • Gave underwriting and data science a single API to access all clients' data.
  • Delivered a risk analytics portal to the risk management team and fleet customers.
  • Delivered incident notifications to the claims function and gave clients an easy reporting tool.
  • Created a completely digital data sharing consent process.
Data Points Aggregated
  • 10 telematics systems
  • At least one new telematics system added per month
  • Claims data
  • VIN lookup data
  • Road Speed Limits
  • Traffic and average road speed

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