Reinsurance giant embeds CMS’ telematics aggregation and crash detection software into its global telematics platform

Swiss Re, the leading reinsurance provider, has purchased a global licence from Collision Management Systems (CMS) to embed the company’s software into its telematics based Reinsurance proposition.

With its platform enriched with CMS’ Crash Detection Software.

Swiss Re can now process vehicle data from any telematics system and deliver a reliable crash alert to its insurance clients.

Without having to deal with large volumes of false alerts generated by telematics devices.

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Charles Smith, CEO, CMS commented:

“The crash filtering and data aggregation software licence taken by Swiss Re demonstrates the value and reach of our solution.

We are proud that an established and well-regarded organisation such as Swiss Re is embedding us into the unique proposition being offered to their global customer base.

“Data protection and the impending GDPR regulations are a critical part of any global telematics platform being delivered today.

We are pleased that we have been able to satisfy a number of stringent requirements set by Swiss Re.

Including the requirement to host our software and process and store the data in any data centre required by the customer.

Smith added:

“It’s now widely recognised, that early intervention following a vehicle accident saves significant operational and claims costs.

Insurers are all striving to provide added excellence and cost benefit to their customer service, especially around First Notice of Loss (FNOL).

Our crash detection solution enables this to be realised in an automated way.”

Sebastiaan Bongers, Swiss Re’s Head of Products and Technology highlighted:

“After a thorough evaluation, Swiss Re concluded that the sector needed a telematics provider with much more insurance know-how and accuracy.

So, we decided to offer white-label telematics solutions to our clients.

We launched a completely new IoT and telematics platform in 2017.

We wanted to create a product that customers love and one that enriches the entire value chain of an insurer – from marketing appeal to underwriting to claims.

With our partnership with CMS, we are able to include a reliable crash alert capability to ensure the insurer can immediately act and help its customer in need.”