Something big is on the way. So, watch this space

We can’t say what, just yet, but keep watching this space.

Here are some hints.

Hint number one.

Watch this space -  a silhouette map of Latin and South America

Hint number two

Five facts about Latin America, you probably didn’t know;

1. The Amazon spans seven countries – Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana.

2. Latin America is the most urbanised continent in the world with almost 80% of its citizens living in cities.

3. Asia is Latin America’s second-largest trading partner, after the United States.

4. The official name of Mexico is the United Mexican States.

5. Bolivia was the first country to get rid of McDonalds.

Given CMS enables fleets to lower risk and improve safety. Especially in dynamic, complex, busy traffic environments, you can see the relevance of point 2, to what we do.

So, while we can’t say just yet what the big news is, you should have a good idea that is has something to do with Latin America. That it involves fleet risk management. And that with the high urbanised nature of the countries in the region, our platform and what it does will be a good fit for the market

But, as we said, watch this space. All will be revealed soon.