eDrivingSM, a leading global provider of driver risk management programmes, is partnering with vehicle data aggregation and analytics specialists, Collision Management Systems (CMS), to integrate connected vehicle data into its risk management platform, supporting its Mentor by eDrivingSM and Virtual Risk Manager® programmes.

eDriving uses behaviour-based telematic insights together with other data inputs including driver licence checks and collision data to determine driver risk levels and accurately predict the likelihood of future crash involvement.

Its programmes also provide training, coaching, and analytic tools to support lasting behavioural change.

The partnership with CMS enables eDriving to seamlessly integrate telematics data from many TSPs (Telematics Service Providers) worldwide, enabling clients throughout the world to take advantage of its patented* closed-loop driver behaviour-based system that predicts risk and guides safer behaviours.

“Successfully combining telematics, collision and licence check data from multiple sources into one performance management system provides clients with a comprehensive view of driver risk, as well as a more effective means of identifying opportunities to reduce those risks and change behaviours,” said Ed Dubens, CEO and Founder of eDriving.

“CMS makes this data gathering both secure and seamless – a clear strategic advantage for our clients, insurance and risk management partners, in this day and age where production of actionable intelligence in a timely manner is critical.”

CMS’ platform can harvest, standardise and cleanse data from any retrofitted or embedded connected camera or telematics device, providing eDriving with a single real-time data channel to support its closed-loop programme.

CMS also minimises the complexity of accessing diverse data formats from vehicles anywhere in the world, accelerating customer deployment.

“We are delighted that an organisation with the global scale, blue-chip client base and unparalleled reputation of eDriving has chosen CMS to help it evolve and enhance its risk-based driver safety improvement programme,” said Charles Smith, CEO of CMS.

“By providing a low-barrier way to harness its client pool of high quality, real-time data, CMS will help eDriving fuel innovation and make its programmes even more valuable for customers.”

Over its 23-year history, eDriving has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to investing in technology that enables a secure and reliable operating environment for its global clients.

The company recently achieved re-certification of the ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 standard for information security management, confirming that its robust and comprehensive information security management system meets the highest standards for protecting client information.

*Patented with the US Trademarks and Patent Office: Patent number 6,714,894.