Embed Clara technology within your offering to realise new use cases, benefits or solutions.

With Clara you can access all your data in one place without the need to manually key in and manage data or use lots of excel sheets.

Empowering Action

By using Clara you can identify where your biggest risk exposure is and easily stay on top of incidents as they happen, in real-time and in one place.

Delivering Trust

Clara gives you and your clients complete visibility and control over what data is being processed, where it is being stored and who is accessing it, as standard.

Future proof your solution

Access over 100 integrations with more being regularly added.

Clara will keep your product relevant and up to date with the growing connected world.

Increase customer loyalty

Over 95% customer retention

With Clara, you can deliver new safety and risk management solutions that quickly become business critical for your customers.

Deliver more customer value

100%+ Customer ROI.

Clara delivers more customer value by reducing incident rates, claim costs, and data admin times, while boosting driver training effectiveness.

Win New Business

Access a £20bn and growing market

Open new revenue streams with Clara, by enhancing existing products and delivering new ones.

Partner Case Study

  • Customer

    Fleet Management Company

  • Scale

    80,000 drivers
    70% of all logistics journeys in country

  • Customer Since


  • Challenges

    Wanted to generate new revenue streams to improve fleet safety using existing data asset.

    Significant amounts of data but poorly structured and not analysable.

    Current incident response (crash, hijacking, fraud etc.) based on driver contacting call centre, not pro-active.

Fleet Management Company

“CMS’s technology, integrated with our existing digital ecosystem, is providing a huge improvement in helping our customers to save lives and reduce costs. The system has been able to deliver value using data from a staggering range of data sources.”

  • Software rolled out across business
  • Over 159 different risk and incident parameters successfully identified
  • 4 of 5 largest fleets actively using software to manage risk
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  • Aggregated, restructured and normalised all data sources in under 8 weeks.
  • Created custom rules to identify incidents in real time based on multi-source data.
  • Delivered an internal facing portal for call centre to respond to incidents.
  • Delivered a customer facing portal for customer to sell to fleets and help improve safety.
Data Points Aggregated
  • 28 telematics systems
  • Cargo monitoring system
  • ADAS enabled camera system
  • Checkpoint and toll booth data
  • Logistics dispatch data
  • Claims information
  • Licence check and driver data
  • Vehicle inspection

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