Providing you with Clara, our platform which enables you to deliver risk and insurance-related solutions and services to your customers.

Why Us


CMS Clara delivers tangible risk and insurance related savings of up to £500 per vehicle.


‘Powering’ autotech solutions of world-class brands.


Cloud based technology and architecture enables CMS Clara to be deployed quickly and easily using data from existing hardware.


CMS Clara is a platform with security by design and compliance at its heart.

Futureproof your solution

Aggregate data from any third-party telematics to deliver solutions and information not previously available.

Utilise a futureproof platform designed to unify data and deliver powerful risk management and crash detection system analytics from any new or existing hardware source.

Increase customer loyalty

Embed technology that will quickly become business critical and key to a customer realising their risk and insurance strategies.

Clara is routinely embedded deep into a customer’s business processes making your overall solution seamless, trusted and highly valuable.

Deliver more customer value

Meet increasing customer demands for solutions that address their risk and insurance challenges.

Clara has been utilised to deliver significant value and savings to insurers, fleets and large corporations.

Access new revenue streams

New business cases realised by CMS technology enable you to defend against pricing erosion or increase customer spend.

CMS has considerable experience working with autotech partners to quantify the benefit of our technology and ensure a tangible ROI is delivered.

Resellers Case Study

  • Customer

    Fleet Management Company

  • Scale

    80,000 drivers
    70% of all logistics journeys in country

  • Customer Since


  • Challenges

    Wanted to generate new revenue streams to improve fleet safety using existing data asset.

    Significant amounts of data but poorly structured and not analysable.

    Current incident response (crash, hijacking, fraud etc.) based on driver contacting call centre, not pro-active.

Fleet Management Company

“CMS’s technology, integrated with our existing digital ecosystem, is providing a huge improvement in helping our customers to save lives and reduce costs. The system has been able to deliver value using data from a staggering range of data sources.”

  • Software rolled out across business
  • Over 159 different risk and incident parameters successfully identified
  • 4 of 5 largest fleets actively using software to manage risk
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  • Aggregated, restructured and normalised all data sources in under 8 weeks.
  • Created custom rules to identify incidents in real time based on multi-source data.
  • Delivered an internal facing portal for call centre to respond to incidents.
  • Delivered a customer facing portal for customer to sell to fleets and help improve safety.
Data Points Aggregated
  • 28 telematics systems
  • Cargo monitoring system
  • ADAS enabled camera system
  • Checkpoint and toll booth data
  • Logistics dispatch data
  • Claims information
  • Licence check and driver data
  • Vehicle inspection

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