Helping to further expand CMS’ expertise in telematics data aggregation.

As we continue our business growth and team expansion plans, CMS is very pleased to introduce another new recruit, Calvin Barradas, joining us as Software Engineer.

Head and shoulders photo of Calvin Barradas, Software Engineer at Collision Management Systems

Joining the team at the tail end of last year, Calvin is mainly working on the API’s for our risk management SaaS platform, which is at the heart of our expertise in telematics data aggregation.

With this, he is helping to expand and evolve the capabilities of this hardware-agnostic solution. Enabling it to bring in even more data sources for risk profiling, and the answering of the four key risk management questions.

As things develop, he’ll also contribute to the development of the platform’s UI.

How did Calvin get here?

Calvin has followed an interesting path to CMS, and our head office location in Milton Keynes (albeit, not quite, due to our ongoing office use precautions for Covid, and work from home policy).

His family is from the small Portuguese island of Madeira, which is about 300 miles west of Morocco. However, he has joined us from Pretoria in South Africa, where he worked for IoT.nxt, a software development company offering IoT solutions.

As Calvin says, his three years at IoT.nxt was a great learning curve as the company went from a small team of twenty in Pretoria, to 200 plus, with offices in the Netherlands and the USA.

Calvin worked on the core product development, which was then tailored for customers, by industry – such as mining, telecoms, and manufacturing.

What does Calvin do outside of work?

Outside of work, and in normal times, Calvin relaxes and keeps fit by playing five-a-side football.

While the summer will hopefully see a return to being able to play football, he currently gets his footie fix by watching, cheering, and cursing his team, Manchester United.

This means, given we have Chelsea and Liverpool fans in team CMS, there will be plenty of rivalry and Monday morning quarterbacking when we all eventually get back to the office.

Calvin’s other passion, and no prizes for guessing this one, is gaming. His current obsession (his words) is Valorant, a team-based FPS.

Again, given the prevalence of gamers in the company, there should be plenty to catch up on in normal times.

Not a film lover but Calvin enjoyed Spud.

Other than that, Calvin admits that he isn’t a great lover of films. Although, he recently watched the Harry Potter series. This was at the insistence of his girlfriend, and he grudgingly concedes that he did enjoy them.

Maybe having seen the films, Calvin will pick up the HP books? As he also reveals he’s not a great reader, although he does list Spud as his favourite book. That’s a South African authored novel about life at boarding school.

So, take Spud, throw in a few wizards and some mysteries, and maybe the Harry Potter books will get a visit?

Loves the island and stared down John Smit.

When asked what his favourite place is, Calvin replies Madeira.

Obviously, a beautiful place in its own right, but given that most of his family live on the Island, the connection and affection are understandably doubled.

Also, it may prove a handy hideaway, as Calvin boasts to having once, albeit awkwardly, stared down the Springbok’s Team Captain, John Smit.

Which is either a brave or a foolish thing to have done, but nevertheless, an achievement.

Welcome to CMS.

One final thing that Calvin would like to share is his thanks to team CMS for the support, help and welcome he got with his move to the UK from South Africa.

That has made the move enjoyable, despite the challenge of leaving South Africa at the height of summer to relocate to the UK in the depths of winter.   

From CMS’ side, as we have said with all our recent recruits, Calvin is a very welcome and warmly welcomed addition to Team CMS.