Helping CMS’ Customers get the most from our risk management platform

As we continue our business growth and team expansion plans, CMS is very pleased to introduce another new recruit, Nick Gautrey, our new Senior Developer.

new Senior Developer - Nick Gautrey joins CMS

Joining Team CMS at the end of October, Nick has a wide brief.

He’s working on the design and development of our data aggregating risk management platform, to meet the tailored needs of our customers.

Such as, TTC Group, a leading fleet driver training and risk management specialist, which powers its Continuum engine with CMS’ platform.

As our new Senior Developer, he’s also closely involved in the development work for CMS’ platform as a whole. Providing support and guidance to the development team, based on the knowledge and experience, picked up throughout his career. 

Plus, he’s evolving the automated testing function within CMS.

As Nick says, he loves to innovate and is continuously looking for ways to improve things.

Which is a great attitude and one that chimes with our culture and values, here at CMS

What is Nick’s experience?

Working for close to a decade now, Nick’s experience has primarily been as a .Net Developer.

In this capacity he’s worked across a broad range of company cultures from the fast paced everything now ones, to the more measured environments, where everything has a process.

This has included such diverse industries as supply chain management, payment processing, and the IoT Cloud. The last of which he says is closest to what CMS does, but Nick also sees relevance from the other roles, to his work at CMS.

As is now the way, Nick joined us in lockdown, and of course few of us have met him in person.

However, like many are experiencing, the new norm of Zoom and Teams calls mean that Nick has rapidly become part of Team CMS. With Nick seeing similarities in our company culture to that of his sporting passion.

More on that in a short while.

Of course, who knew, way back in early March, that company cultures could successfully adjust so rapidly and still be as strong?

How does Nick spend his free time?


Nick loves the sport – it keeps him fit and healthy, has taught him the importance of focus, hard work, and, perhaps surprisingly, teamwork.

As he says, the boxing gym is like a big family where everyone helps each other achieve their goals. And while you are alone in the ring, during competition, the camaraderie in the gym, where most of the time is spent, is incredible.

It is this camaraderie and big family culture that Nick has likened to CMS’ culture.

After the boxing is over, Nick loves to cook.

Picking up on his trait of innovation, Nick enjoys working up new recipes, and trying creative approaches to traditional meals.

What else can we tell you about Nick?

Well, with his love of boxing, there are no prizes for guessing Nick’s favourite films. The Rocky series, of course.

THE actual favourite amongst the eight-film boxing series is Rocky IV.

That’s the one where Rock takes on Ivan Drago, from the Soviet Union. It features a surprising plot twist, which sees the Italian Stallion get beaten in every round, to then take the win in the final round. ?

Of course, given his love for the series, I don’t think anyone has asked Nick what he thinks of the sequel, Rocky V. That’s the one with Tommy Gunn and is normally as well regarded as The Godfather part 3 is.

When not watching Rocky films, and when situations allow, Nick’s idea of a good night out is to either meet up with his mates at the Pub, to play a few rounds of pool (“I get beaten all the time” he says). Or venture out for a Thai meal, to quench his love of spice.

Perhaps we should mention that one of the best Thai restaurants in Milton Keynes is just around the corner from CMS’ offices. Or maybe that was part of the reason Nick joined us?

Welcome to CMS

As with all our recent recruits, Nick is a very welcome and warmly welcomed addition to Team CMS. And as with those before, he is already delivering results for you, our customer.