SABI by Destino Seguro licenses CMS’ software, to deliver a major step change in driver safety and fleet risk management, in Colombia, and across Latin America.

London, UK, Bogota, Colombia (29 September 2020): SABI and CMS partner.

SABI by Destino Seguro, Colombia’s leading logistics management company. Has partnered with Collision Management Systems (CMS). A world leader in telematics data aggregation and fleet risk management software. To deliver a new and stunning level of safety solutions to fleets across Colombia and Latin America.

SABI and CMS partnering will see CMS’s software analyse data from tens of thousands of journeys, every day.

Data from over forty different telematics systems, dispatch software, toll booths and vehicle inspections, will all be aggregated, standardised, and analysed.

Over 70% of logistics journeys in Colombia

With over 70% of logistics journeys in Colombia managed and monitored by SABI, this move means almost every fleet in the country will have immediate access to data driven safety solutions.

Plus, SABI, through monitoring every journey to ensure its safety, will also deliver proven insights to key insurance carriers operating in the market. All this resulting in a significant reduction in claims. 

Insight for future infrastructure plans

Additionally, SABI’s close work with the Colombian government, means the information this program will provide, will aid immensely in the management of both the existing transport network and future infrastructure development plans. Particularly as the country recovers from the impacts of Covid-19.

By bringing all this data together, CMS will provide clear, concise, actionable data at the right time, and in one place.

This will Save lives

Luis Anaya, CEO of SABI by Destino Seguro said “CMS’s technology platform will integrate with our existing digital ecosystem, to provide a huge improvement in helping our customers. Most importantly, this will save lives while also improving efficiencies, to deliver cost savings.”

He added “The CMS platform automatically provides solutions and responses by integrating data from a staggering range of data sources, including our logistics management Software, SCL3, which has been helping our customers for more than fifteen years.”

SABI licenses CMS – an unprecedented scale

For CMS, Charles Smith, CEO commented “This partnership with SABI is a fantastic opportunity to take our market leading technology to an unprecedented scale.”

One which will make significant improvements in safety.”

He went on to say “Additionally, SABI’s partnership with the Colombian government, takes our technology into projects which will map out the very future of the country’s transport infrastructure and policies.

“As such, this is an incredibly exciting step for CMS, and great testament to the robust and scalable nature of our Data Aggregation and Risk Management platform

About SABI by Destino Seguro

SABI has more than 15 years of experience capturing and integrating information and data from the Colombian logistics value chain. Operating with the highest technology that monitors 55% of the national cargo.

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About CMS

Collision Management Systems (CMS) gathers, refines and analyses data from any connected vehicle, company or person, giving fleets, insurers and remote worker organisations, across the globe, the right information to take fast, decisive actions to manage incidents and risk better, and make the world a safer place.

Full press release

A full PDF of the press release for this announcement can be downloaded here.